The Week I Met My Tribe: 5 Things I’ll Never Forget From TMIX Dublin

1. Pat Liddy’s walking tour

Having arrived a day early, I made the most of my time and headed on one of Pat Liddy’s infamous walking tours. I was shown some of Dublin’s most famous sites including the beautiful Trinity College with an excellent and informative guide: these tours are well worth doing if in Dublin!

Trinity College one of the sights of Pat Liddys Tour

2. Dublin’s hospitality & friendly people

3. Nightlife that blows your socks off

4. Abigail’s Hostel

I have never felt more welcomed to a hostel than I did at Abigail’s; the staff were thoughtful, kind and attentive the whole week and, upon arriving back from the opening night party at The Guinness Storehouse, I found this little treat in my room – now that is beyond sweet….

5. The people I met…

Duncan Rhodes – AKA Barcelona! With an infectious laugh and an even more infectious personality, Duncan is someone who you can’t help but smile when you see! With a super entrepreneurial mind and a fantastic outlook on life, this guy is one heck of an interesting person! Check out his super stylish blog Urban Travel Blog – Hasta Pronto Duncan!

Rob – I am still a little embarrassed that I didn’t recognise Rob from Stop Having a Boring Life, and thought he was a stray guy coming upstairs at 37 Dawson to sneak the free Jägermeister! Of course, this was water of a duck’s back to Rob – down to earth, with a witty and charming personality, he’s definitely someone who you simply cannot help but be drawn to! His incredible worldly wisdom and insane intellect all add up to make his blog one not to miss!

Dylan – Now this guy is someone you want to know! Super stylish, always dressed to impress, oozing with charm and a witty tongue, the party is never complete without Dylan! We bonded over a love of Aotearoa and a mutual favourite café in Auckland Meze bar… see what you have in common with Dylan by checking out his savvy blog The Travelling Editor

Susan – Susan was the first travel blogger that I met, and she really is the embodiment of this group of people: warm, welcoming, and incredibly friendly. With an independent spirit and a lust for adventure, Susan’s travel blog is second to none – check out her adventures here: Travel Junkette

Vicky – smart and sassy with a big personality! Vicky is a super fun and friendly girl – her travel blog is a great reflection of her awesome personality and I guarantee you’ll have a good time if you head on over to Vicky Flip Flop Travels

Rachel – I met Rachel when doing Pat Liddy’s walking tour and we hit it off immediately –I think anyone would struggle to dislike this sweet natured, smiley girl! With a positive attitude and a sunny outlook on life, Rachel really is a breath of fresh air! Check out her blog Brachel Boulevard to get a little ray of sunshine in your life!

Turner – smart, funny and charming! Turner is a guy that is a whole lot of fun! No party is complete without this him! His travel blog – Around The World in 80 Jobs is bursting with fantastically well written articles about working around the world.

Benda – you always know when Benda is in the room! This larger than life Aussie nomad is a force to reckon with! Her life is one to be inspired by – she travels with her husband and two beautiful children on a never ending voyage of discovery – do you have kids and think it’s too late to travel? Think again! Check out Benda’s blog to discover the secret of how she does it….

Kash – In my opinion, Kash was one of the speakers who gave the best and most informative speech at the TBEX and really provided food for thought. His personal story of how he came to create Budget Travller was super inspiring. Feel like a bit of inspiration in your life too? Head on over to his blog for some ideas on budget travel you couldn’t possibly imagine….

Stephen – Ever popular Stephen; no party is complete without him! His travel blog is refreshingly well written with unique articles chronicling his latest adventures – you can follow along for the ride at A Backpacker’s Tale

Check out this awesome video to get a flavour of what TBEX will have in store for you if you choose to go next time

Finally, a big thanks to Failte Ireland for hosting a wonderful stay in Dublin – in the famous words of Arnold Schwarzenegger “I’ll be back….!”

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